Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Smell Good or Smoke your Tires in Blue, Red and Yellow

Kumho Tires will now sell you tires that when peeled-out produce smoke in Blue , Red and Yellow.

It has taken Kumho tire 40 years to become a household name in the US, now they are working on the cutting edge of tire technology. They are known for producing cost effective tires that out handle and surpass that big boys in terms of quality and safety.

Now Kumho may be on the verge of making automotive tires that are trendy and directly aimed out your teenagers pocket book.

Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires are Kumho’s flashy Track & Competition DOT tires developed for drivers that race in drag and drift events. Kumho first debuted colored smoke tires in 2005.
How do they work ? A distinctive dye is mixed throughout their tread compound to create the colored smoke.
Specs provided by Kumho Tires USA

Special Features

  • High dispersion silica expands compound performance for superior wet grip and better treadwear with excellent fuel efficiency.
  • Race-proven carcass design with jointless cap plies, wide steel belts, ESCOT carcass profile, and high durometer apex delivers razor sharp response and extreme grip without compromising ride quality.
  • Three wide circumferential grooves optimize water evacuation in footprint.
  • Triple-tread radius optimizes footprint shape for even pressure distribution.
  • Shoulder blocks tilted into direction of travel to improve grip and reduce worn-tire noise.
  • Rim protector in lower sidewall safeguards wheel against scratches and abrasions.
  • Comes in a variety of Run-Flat sizes.
  • Select sizes available in red, yellow and blue smoke for “drifting” fans. The colored smoke will last throughout the tire’s full tread life.
  • UTQG rating of 340 AA/A for H and V speed ratings. For W and Y speed ratings, the UTQG is 320 AA/A.
  • Notice: Ecsta SPT Colored Smoke tires will leave a sticky residue on the vehicle's underbody, wheels, suspension, wheelwells and fenders during extended burnouts. Colored residue will stain wheels, body and suspension parts.

Kumho states that these tires are for competition only and not meant for the street, yeah whatever !

If that wasn’t enough Kumho has also produced scented tires that smell like Lavender and Rosemary when smoked!
I suppose if the colored smoke tires are aimed at the Lads, then these must be aimed at those hardcore Female drivers who want good smelling tires.

The Kumho ECSTA DX Aroma tire will be sold in three sizes:

  • 205/60R16 (MSRP $119)
  • 215/60R16 (MSRP $125)
  • 235/60R16 (MSRP $138)


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